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Cooper family in their wagon in Mesa, AZ

You have just entered our main site. My name is Mike Crandall. The purpose of this web site is to share information about the genealogy and history of the the ancestors and descendants of Myron Mike Crandall and Ruthie Linder Crandall. The genealogical information on this web site may not meet the standards of all visitors.  I am sure there are mistakes and not all of the data has been verified.  One of the reasons it is here is so anyone can review and comment on the data  My email is below. Sources have been provided when available.  If you find mistakes, or you have conflicting data, please e-mail me and let me know about the problem or questions about the data.  In doing your own research, you should verify all of your data from the actual court records, etc.  You should not reference this web site as the original source of your data, as I can not be sure all data on this web site is correct.  As conflicts are resolved and new information is researched or reported, the data on this web site will be updated.

   Ruthies major family names that we are researching are Linder, Berry, Cooper, Hood, Lamb, Morgan, McNew, and Pattison. 

Mikes major family names that we are researching are Crandall, Bailey, Lamborn, Lewis,  Moody, Packer, Pember and Spaulding

If you need a Genealogy program you can find a freeware one called Ancestral Quest Basics. It is a free, easy to use, complete genealogy program. It has all the features you need to record, preserve and share your family history. It is just like the full version of Ancestral Quest, but is missing some of the more advanced bells and whistles along with all of the cost.

PAF users will find that it has most of the functionality of Personal Ancestral File 5, along with several important enhancements, including the ability to synchronise their data with New FamilySearch. PAF users can now use Ancestral Quest Basics for free to combine the core functionality of PAF and New FamilySearch in one product. It looks and feels like a major upgrade to PAF

Here is the link:

Ancestral Quest Basics

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