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All Genealogy is Relative
Linder and Hood

Some Descendents of
Marty Linder and
Salome Werren

Nathaniel & Elizabeth
Hood family

My Cooper Legacy

First two generations
after Samuel Eldridge
of VA family

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My name is Myron Mike Crandall and I am the webmaster. My wife is Ruthie Linder
Crandall. I have spent many years adding sources and stories whenever possible to
genealogy. All of Ruthie's genealogy comes from the south.  Her major names are
Linder, Berry, Cooper, Hood, Lamb, Morgan, McNew, and Pattison. My own
ancestry comes 
mostly from the north. My major names are Crandall, Bailey,
Lamborn, Lewis, Moody,
Packer, Pember and Spaulding. We hope that you will enjoy
your visit here and find
new information for your own family, and are anxious to hear
from anyone who may  have
additional information about our ancestors or in helping us
with any corrections.

This genealogy may contain mistakes. Therefore, all entries should be checked
against original documents for accuracy. We hope that these webpages are useful to
you in your research. Years ago I first began using PAF to record my genealogy but
when the LDS Church stopped updating PAF I switched from PAF to Ancestral Quest.
I switched because almost all of the functions of Ancestral Quest are identical to what
was in PAF. I use the paid version but a free version called Ancestral Quest Basics
is an easy to 
use, complete genealogy program. It has all the same features you need
to record,
preserve and share your family history. It is just like the full version of
Quest, but is missing some of the more advanced bells and whistles along
with all of  
the cost. . But Ancestral Quest along with several important enhancements
the ability to synchronise data with FamilySearch FamilyTree. If you know how to
PAF you can now use Ancestral Quest Basics for free to combine the core
of PAF and FamilySearch FamilyTree in one product. It looks and feels
like a major upgrade to PAF. I love it! Here is the link to get: 

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Last updated on 10/5/2005
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