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The Goldsboro News Argus"

This is a copy of a newspaper story that appeared in "The Goldsboro News Argus" Thursday, September 6, 1962, Goldsboro, North Carolina.
John Robert Hood was the son of Britton hood, whose own home considerably enlarged - is still standing on Highway 13, just across Horse Swamp from the son's home.
The Britton Hood Home, originally containing two rooms, was removed from across the highway by his son, Daniel T. Hood,who inherited his father's homeplace, consisting of 1,000 acres. Daniel, who was a noted fox hunter, added a wing to the house. He was a Baptist preacher and the father of W. Graham Hood of Goldsboro.
Daniel T. Hood and his wife, Temperance Best Hood, had six children, including Daniel J. Hood retired attorney of Buice Creek, Another son, William Henry Hood was the Grandfather of County Dog Warden Horace Hood and the father of Dr. Marshall H. Hood, an eye, ear, and nose specialist of Portsmouth, Va.
William Henry Hood was the first husband of Sara Jinnette, whose daughter by a second marriage, Mrs. Effie Parker, is historian of the Daniel T. Hood clan. Billy Hood of Goldsboro is current president of the clan which meets annually on the second Sunday in September.
The original Britton Hood home was weatherboarded, suggesting that it was built later later than the log home of his son, John Robert Sr. -- possibly at the time of his second marriage to Katherine Cox, by who he had one child, Daniel T. Hood. He had first married a Sullivan.
It is thought likely that Britton Hood built and perhaps lived in the John Robert Hood home, which could be over 150 years old.

Copied from a newspaper story, "The Goldsboro News Argus"  Feb. 11, 1964
The talk got around to the government that a still was bequeathed to Daniel T. Hood, by his father Britton Hood, Daniel's grandson, Graham Hood said he owned a liquor jar that belonged to Britton. They call Daniel's branch of the family the "drinking Hoods." Just because they inherited that old still.

Copied from newspaper article "Goldsboro News Argus" date not shown-probably about 1962
   All seven sons of John Robert Hood served in the Civil War.Moores' Roster shows that five of them - Solomon, Edward, Robert, Nathan, and William - enlisted in Company F of the 10th N.C. Artillery Regiment, in July , 1861. According to Clark's History of N.C. Regiments, Ezekiel Hood was second lieutenant in the 10th Regiment, which undertook to defend Fort Macon. There is no record for John R. Hood, Jr.
   Solomon Hood was captured in the fall of Fort Macon in April, 1862, and imprisoned on Harker's Island but later was exchanged and returned to his regiment. He was captured again in December, 1862, while helping defend the Neuse River railroad bridge south of Goldsboro against a raid by General John G. Foster