My Ancestral Legacy
Nathaniel Hood and Elizabeth

"The Heritage of Wayne County"
Hood Extracts

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The Heritage of Wayne County
North Carolina 1982

The Hood family is mentioned in the book,
"The Heritage of Wayne County – North Carolina" 
in the following passages:

Family & mentions of Hood family members


  Britton Hood was the leading surveyor of the county.
  He came with his two brothers, Bold Robin and John C.


  Best Family
Celia Hood and spouse Benjamin Best Sr. (1740-1805).
  Betsy Hood and spouse Robin Best (1745-?)



 Robin Best
Betsy Hood and spouse Robin Best (1745-?)
152 362
  Bridgers Family
Colonel George Ezekial Hood
165 386
  Samuel Bryce Flowers
Colonel George Ezekial Hood and spouse Julia Annie Flowers



  Early Granthams of Wayne County
  John Robert Hood son of Britton Hood married Dizey Grantham.
  Britton Hood had a twin brother Robin Hood who was a  surveyor in  New Bern.



  Hiram Grantham Family
  Richard Manly, W.H. Hood and D.H. Bridgers divided Hiram 
  Grantham’s property.  18 June 1877. G.E. (Bill) Hood 1920s.



  Charles Hines
  On July 7, 1793 Charles Hines bought land near the Neuse River and 
  Falling Creek near Nathaniel Hood’s land.
274-275 575
  The Rev. T.J. Hood Family
  W. Graham Hood Sr’s great grandfather was Britton Hood. See "This 
  History of Wayne County" for more info on the history of the Hood family.
288-289 597
  The David M. Prince Family
  Gertrude Prince married William Graham Hood April 21, 1920 who was the son
  of T.J. Hood and Melinda Pennington.
398-399 790
  W. Burkette and Rose Mallard Raper
  Elizabeth Ann Raper married Bradley Hood (1900s)
406-407 803
  The Rose Family

  Emma married Grover Hood around 1910.

409-410 810
  The Walter Wiggins Family
  W.T. Hood married Carrie Wiggins daughter of John W. and Ella Virginia Wiggins.
487 942

Willowdale Cemetery

Bold Robin Hood is buried in Goldsboro, NC's Willowdale Cemetery.

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My Ancestral Legacy
Nathaniel Hood and Elizabeth