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Descendants of Thomas McEwen

     Before I start the genealogy. I want to explain why secondary evidence shows neither James or John is at the head of our genealogy.
There are two groups from the internet that claim they know who Thomas McEwen's parents were. One side claims John McEwen and Margaret Barnett were the parents while the other side claims James and Isabella Miller were Thomas McEwen's parents. 
I have found some secondary evidence from the Genforum, which could be researched further, that James could not have been the father. To find them go to the McEwen surname in the GenForum, then in the "Jump to #" search box put in 301 and also 314.
 On the other hand If you look at the birthdate for John which is Bef 1665, John would have had to be at least 65 years old to be Thomas' father. Looks like neither side is correct so far.
In Peggy Loos website which I have listed above as, "McEwen Descendent Chart". There is a father for Thomas McEwen/McQuown.  His name is James Hugh McEwen and his wife is listed as Sarah "Sallie" Miller.  I went to the Mcewen Family Genealogy Forum (which has been replaced by  and found some postings that offer secondary proof why James Hugh and Sally could not be Thomas's father.
They are placed here below. (the old urls do not work any longer)

Thomas E. Carothers  Email:
    Subject: Re: Alexander McEwen (1750-1795)
    Post Date: March 16, 2000 at 05:00:16
    Message URL:
    Forum: Mcewen Family Genealogy Forum
    James & Isabella Miller McEwen did not have a son Thomas , and no where have we ever seen nor heard of her carring the name Sarah.  his family and there children are well documented, the family had to prove it's self to collect an inhairidents left to Isabella by her brother David in Scotland.
Thier grandson Alex is the son of James & Sarah McKnight McEwen, Alex married Hannah Fleming.
(Genforum messages seem to have dissappeared)

Posted By:  Thomas E Carothers  Email:
    Subject: Re: McEwen, James & Isabella Miller Pa,NC,TN
    Post Date: September 09, 1999 at 19:17:24
    Message URL:
    Forum: Mcewen Family Genealogy Forum
    You are correct James Jr married Sarah McKnight, Wiliam married Sarah Kerr, I decend from James & Isibella's son David, a book you should have is the "Dickson-McEwen and allied families Families" covers James and Isabella line right down to date, the only son not covered is Danuel's , his family you will find in the Rowan & Mecklinburg Co,NC area, they mix with the Buchanan's & Neely's as well.
Posted by Betty Beard Email:                                                            
Subject: Re: McEwen, James & Isabella Miller Pa,NC,TN
by JoanMcEwen                                                                             
Post Date: March 04, 2000 at 19:32:56
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Forum:   Mcewen Family Genealogy Forum

James McEwen and Isabella Miller had 9 children--James who married
Sarah McKnight, William who married Sarah Kerr, Jane who married
James Andrews, David, who married Margaret Ervin, eleanor McEwen,
who married James McKnight, Margaret (my 5xgreat grandmother) who
married Joseph Dickson, Daniel who married Margaret Sloan, Mary who
apparently did not marry and died when she was 30, and Isabella who
married George Marshall.


Descendants of John McEwen

Generation No. 1

1. John1 McEwen was born in Scotland. He married ?

Notes for John McEwen:

This is not proven yet, but early research by family members seem to point in this direction.

Child of John McEwen and ? is:

         + 2 i. John2 McEwen, born Bef. 1665 in Scotland; died Abt. 1749 in Statesville, NC.

Generation No. 2

2. John2 McEwen (John1) was born Bef. 1665 in Scotland, and died Abt. 1749 in Statesville, NC. He married Margaret Barnett.

Notes for John McEwen:

This has not been proven altho early research by some McEwen family
researchers point in this direction.

Notes for Margaret Barnett:

Last name may actually be Graham rather than Barnett.

Children of John McEwen and Margaret Barnett are:

        + 3 i. Thomas3 McEwen, born 1730 in Poss. Rowan Co., NC;
           died Abt. November 25, 1781 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.
         + 4 ii. Hugh McEwen.
         5 iii. David McEwen.
         6 iv. Margaret McEwen.
         7 v. John McEwen III.
         8 vi. Elizabeth McEwen.
         9 vii. Richard McEwen.
         10 viii. Mary McEwen.


Generation No. 3

3. Thomas3 McEwen (John2, John1) was born 1730 in Poss. Rowan Co., NC, and died Abt. November 25,1781 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. He married (1) ?. She died Bef. 1766. He married (2) Elizabeth Cochran 1766 in Rowan Co., NC. She was born 1735 in Ireland, and died July 1803 in Mecklenburg or Iredell Co., NC.

Notes for Thomas McEwen:

Moved from Pa. to NC c. 1750-1751.

Children of Thomas McEwen and ? are:

         11 i. Margaret4 McEwen.
         + 12 ii. Alexander McEwen, b. Abt. 1758 in NC or Pa.; d. March 1827 in Oglethorpe Co., Ga..
         13 iii. Jane McEwen. She married James Finney March 25, 1776.
         14 iv. Mary McEwen.
         15 v. Eleanor McEwen.         

Children of Thomas McEwen and Elizabeth Cochran are:

         16 i. Ruth4 McEwen, born Abt. 1773 in Poss. Mecklenburg Co., NC. She married John Steele Abt. 1793 in Irelell or Mecklenburg Co., NC.
         17 ii. Frances McEwen. She married John Cochran August 03, 1791 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.
         18 iii. Thomas McEwen.

4. Hugh3 McEwen (John2, John1). He married Margaret ?. 

Child of Hugh McEwen and Margaret ? is:

         19 i. Elizabeth4 McEwen, born Unknown. She married John Dixon.

Generation No. 4

12. Alexander4 McEwen (Thomas3, John2, John1) was born Abt. 1758 in NC or Pa., and died March 1827 in Oglethorpe Co., Ga.. He married (1) Elizabeth ? Bef. 1777. She died Bef. 1792. He married (2) Mary Ann Pharr Abt. 1792, daughter of Ephraim Pharr. She died 1844.

Notes for Alexander McEwen:

This is taken from DOUGLAS CO., GA. GENEOLOGY written and edited by Joe Baggett.
The will of one Alexander McEwen in Oglethorpe Co. (1825/1827) mentions wife Ann and children, including James H. Alexander McEwen received a grant of land in that county in 1800. Alexander's name is also found on the 1790 C. of Cumberland Co., NC, and in Abbeville Dist., SC, in 1790, as well as in records of Wilkes Co., Ga. in 1793. ( Children of James McEwen given in Florrie C. Smith's 1970 HISTORY OF OGELTHORPE COUNTY, GA.) 

Alexander McEwen witnessed the will of Ephraim Phair Aug. 27, 1793 in Wilkes Co., Ga. In his will, Ephraim Phair named daughter Ann McEwen. This info comes from GONE TO GEORGIA Jackson and Gwinnett Counties and their Neighbors in the Western Migration, compiled by William C. Stewart, National Genealogical Society, Washington, D.C., 1965.
Found on USGEBWEB by Ron Bridges:
Will of Alexander McEwen, Oglethorpe Co., Ga. 1825:

"Will of Alexander of Oglethorpe County, Ga. To son, Robert, one dollar; to daughter, Eliza C. Carruth, one dollar; to son, James H., one dollar; to son, Isaac A., one dollar; to grandson, M. P. McEwen, one dollar; to wife, Ann, land on which I now live, all horses, cattle hogs, sheep, household furniture, wagon, plantation tools, & Durbin carriage, with any monies that may be owing to me, during her natural life; if lot or lots be drawn in lottery, if lot, then that to wife. Wife allowed to sell or dispose of all the above mentioned property as she may think best, but at her death said property, whether increased or diminished, to son John N. If two lots be drawn, lot not wife's choice, be sold and after deducting expenses of grant, if price not exceed $300., balance to wife Ann and after her death to be disposed of as other property bequeathed her. Executors to sell lot of land no., 51 in 10th District of Early Co., and after deducting expenses of sale, proceeds to be divided equally between children; Robert, Eliza C., James H. and Isaac A.
Executors: wife, Ann and son, John N.
Witnesses: Thomas P. Edwards, Simeon Edwards, John H. Pharr, Thomas
Edwards. Sep. 27, 1825 - March 8, 1827." (1)

(1) Found in card files of the State Archives of GA by Ron Bridges on 12 Jul 1999.

Children of Alexander McEwen and Elizabeth ? are:

         20 i. Elizabeth C.5 McEwen, born December 17, 1779 in NC; died Aft. 1860 in Prob. Madison Co., Ga.. She married James Carruth December 10, 1798; died Unknown.

         21 ii. John N. McEwen, born Bet. 1780 - 1790; died Unknown. He married Lucy Morris January 28, 1813 in Warren Co., Ga.; died Unknown.

         + 22 iii. James Hill McEwen, born February 07, 1782 in N.C.; died 1851 in Austell, Cobb Co., Ga..

         + 23 iv. Issac A. McEwen, born 1784 in NC; died Aft. 1850.

         + 24 v. Robert Bort McEwen, born Abt. 1777 in NC; died Aft. 1850 in Buried in Stone Mountain Cemetery, Gwinnett Co., Ga..


Child of Alexander McEwen and Mary Pharr is:

         + 25 i. Edward Pharr5 McEwen, born Abt. 1792 in Prob. SC; died Unknown.

Generation No. 5

22. James Hill5 McEwen (Alexander4, Thomas3, John2, John1) was born February 07, 1782 in N.C., and died 1851 in Austell, Cobb Co., Ga.. He married Martha Ann Snead July 17, 1811. She was born April 11, 1792 in North Carolina, and died April 13, 1853 in Austell, Cobb Co., Ga..

Notes for James Hill McEwen:

From: Jim Holman <>

To: "Mona Herrin" <>

Subject: Re: McEwens

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 10:32:26 -0600

Mona, sorry about not getting back to you sooner. The information I have on
James Hill McEwen comes from a photostat copy of Alexander McEwen's Family Group Sheet. This was put together by Barbara Sudduth Lyle. She has been involved in genealogy for a number of years and cites her source as J. E. McEwen. This is either Sr. or Jr. with Sr. being the great grandson of
James Hill. J. E., Sr. died in 1940 and J. E., Jr. was born in 1912 and may
be dead, probably is. As far as addresses on this family I can only look in
the McEwen Book and go up the line looking at places of birth, by the way
J. E. stands for Jessie Elton. I also have a transcribed copy of a Family
Group Sheet on James Hill McEwen given to me by Frances Nail. 
We probably got Thomas's date wrong. I am looking at the abstract of the
will of Thomas McQuown. His statement starts out dated 25 March 1781. Down at the bottom by the names of the witnesses the date is July 1781. I will blame the proofreaders on that one. 
Information for Alexander came again from his Family Group Sheet by Barbara Sudduth. I thought I had something else but all these piles of paper tend to merge and I will have to look some more. As for the beginning we are not sure that John and John, Jr. even belong. We put our escape clause on the title page. We have had a James McEwen with sons Hugh and Thomas (us) at the top. If we are through James then Hugh will carry the family down to Stonewall Jackson. Really, I consider it bait, hoping someone will come along and say it is right or say it is wrong and show me why. 
Right now I am changing my major focus to my Holman ancestors but still
dabble with the McEwen side. Keep in touch and let me know if you think I can help. 


The death date and interment that Jim Holman has in his book is different that what I have. His date is 26 May 1844 in Randolph Co., Ga. and his interment is in Randolph Co., Ga.

More About James Hill McEwen:
Burial: Unknown, Causey Chapel Cemetery, Austell, Cobb Co., Ga.

More About Martha Ann Snead:
Burial: Unknown, Causey Chapel Cemetery, Austell, Cobb Co., Ga.

Children of James McEwen and Martha Snead are:

         + 26 i. Alexander D.6 McEwen, born June 05, 1812 in Ga.; died December 26, 1889 in Old Salt Springs Campground Cem., Lithia Springs, Ga..

         + 27 ii. Elizabeth Louisa McEwen, born January 10, 1816; died Unknown.

         28 iii. John M. McEwen, born May 02, 1818; died Unknown. He married (1) Mary Caroline Rutherford April 03, 1845 in Calhoun Co., Al.; died Unknown. He married (2) Margaret Evans July 02, 1854; born 1834 in Al.; died Unknown.

         Notes for John M. McEwen:

         John and Margaret Evans were 1st cousins once removed. James Hill McEwen, the father of John, was Margaret's great uncle.

         + 29 iv. Nancy Caroline McEwen, born July 19, 1820 in Campbell Co., Georgia; died May 02, 1896 in Austell, Cobb Co., Georgia.

         + 30 v. Robert T. McEwen, born May 22, 1822; died Unknown.

         31 vi. Sarah Ann McEwen, born June 19, 1825; died October 14, 1848.

         32 vii. MARTHA ELIZABETH4 MCEWEN  (JAMES HILL3, ALEXANDER2, THOMAS1 MCEWEN/MCQUOWN) was born June 15, 1827 in Monroe Co., GA, and died October 19, 1908 in Seneca, Lake Co., FL.  She married ELI COOPER January 05, 1846 in Randolph Co., Ga., son of ROBERT COOPER and SARAH.  He was born August 31, 1825 in Montgomery Co., AL, and died February 18, 1909 in Altoona, Lake Co., FL.

         Children of MARTHA MCEWEN and ELI COOPER are:

          i.SARAH ELIZABETH5 COOPER, b. October 01, 1847, GA; d. October 10, 1917; m. JAMES JEFFERSON RUTHERFORD, September 12, 1866.

          ii.THOMAS COOPER, b. Abt. April 1849, GA; d. July 1861.

          iii.WILLIAM COOPER, b. October 01, 1851, GA; m. MOLLIE SMITH.

          iv.JAMES ROBERT COOPER, b. July 06, 1853, GA; d. September 04, 1920; m. CHARLOTTE ADELINE FOLKERSON, April 14, 1878.

          v.LIZA COOPER, b. August 11, 1855, GA.

          vi.EMILY FRANCIS COOPER, b. July 04, 1857, GA; d. March 20, 1948; m. JOHN HOLCOMB LEE, January 27, 1876.

          vii.ELI FRANKLIN COOPER, b. February 07, 1859, Irwinville, Irwin, GA; d. December 11, 1938, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ; m. (1) MIRINDA CAROLINE MURRAY, November 09, 1882, Messina, FL; b. November 26, 1886, Houston CO, Georgia; d. February 25, 1890; m. (2) TELITHA ELIZABETH PATTISON, September 14, 1892, Seneca, Lake, FL; b. July 07, 1873, Blakley, Early, GA; d. September 09, 1964, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ.

          viii.ANN COOPER, b. June 28, 1861, Seneca, Lake Co., FL; d. January 21, 1920; m. JOHN KIMBALL.
          ix.MILES MONROE COOPER, b. September 18, 1862, Seneca, Lake Co., FL; d. October 05, 1919; m. FRANCES HENRIETTA LOWERY.

          x.ISAIAH COOPER, b. May 11, 1863, Seneca, Lake Co., FL m. BARBARA EUGENIA THOMPSON, 1888.

          xi.MARY H COOPER, b. September 22, 1867, Seneca, Lake Co., FL; d. December 14, 1956; m. (1) SEWELL; m. (2) CHARLIE BORDT; m. (3) MILAN C. EDSON; m. (4) AL BALLARD; m. (5) ROBERT BELL.

          xii.MARTHA ELMIRA COOPER, b. December 26, 1869, Seneca, Lake Co., FL; d. August 03, 1948; m. JAMES WAKEFIELD MURPHY, September 26, 1888;.

         + 33 viii. James M. McEwen, born May 05, 1830; died Unknown.

         34 ix. Emily Jane McEwen, born April 22, 1831; died Unknown. She married Tandy N. Hardy; born 1822; died Unknown.

23. Issac A.5 McEwen (Alexander4, Thomas3, John2, John1) was born 1784 in NC, and died Aft. 1850. He married (1) Nancy J. King. She died Bef. 1811. He married (2) Cynthia Carruth August 30, 1810. She was born Abt. 1790, and died Abt. 1845.

Children of Issac McEwen and Cynthia Carruth are:

         35 i. James Hill6 McEwen, born June 18, 1811 in Madison Co., Ga.; died June 17, 1899 in Madison Co., Ga.. He married Mary C. Strickland August 22, 1835; died Unknown.

         36 ii. Adam A. McEwen, born 1820; died Unknown.

         37 iii. Laura A. F. McEwen, born 1827; died Unknown.

         38 iv. Syntha F. McEwen, born 1828; died Unknown.


24. Robert Bort5 McEwen (Alexander4, Thomas3, John2, John1) was born Abt. 1777 in NC, and died Aft. 1850 in Buried in Stone Mountain Cemetery, Gwinnett Co., Ga.. He married Rachel Hawkins January 27, 1801 in Oglethorpe Co., Ga. She was born 1777 in NC, and died 1850 in Buried in Stone Mountain Cemetery, Gwinnett Co., Ga..

Children of Robert McEwen and Rachel Hawkins are:

         + 39 i. Elizabeth Ann6 McEwen, born December 17, 1804 in Gwinnett Co., Ga.; died October 14, 1872 in Family Cem. near Heflin, Cleborne Co., Al..

         40 ii. Jasper Kirkham McEwen, born March 19, 1802; died Unknown.

         41 iii. Margaret H. McEwen, born 1809; died Unknown.

         42 iv. Cynthia McEwen, born Abt. 1812; died Unknown.

         43 v. Daughter McEwen, born Unknown; died Unknown.


25. Edward Pharr5 McEwen (Alexander4, Thomas3, John2, John1) was born Abt. 1792 in Prob. SC, and died Unknown. He married ?. She died Unknown.

Notes for Edward Pharr McEwen:

Information from Will digest states the name Ephraim Phair McEwen.

Child of Edward McEwen and ? is:

         44 i. William P.6 McEwen.