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Eli and Martha McEwen Cooper

This Cooper family history is copied from the book

"My Cooper Legacy"

Stories compiled by Nellie N. Olsen Ostler
Copyright 1997 by Nellie N. Ostler
Credit must be given to Nellie Ostler for her not only allowing but
actually encouraging this family history to be placed online.
Nellie is a granddaughter of Eli Franklin Cooper.
My name is Mike Crandall and I feel that this book contains such
good and valuable family history that I asked Nellie if I could place
this book online. Her answer was,

"That idea sounds like a great one. How beautiful. And now,
if you do this, maybe it will get these stories read by even more
of Grandma and Grandpa's grand and great-grandchildren."

 My wife Ruthie is also a descendent of Eli Cooper. I have placed these stories online so that family members will have
access to them and also in hopes that someone will come forth with history and genealogy about the family that we
do not have. Please feel free to browse this site to look for your family. Eli had another family older than this one but
little is known about them, it would be wonderful if someone contacted us to add this genealogy to what we have.
Please feel free to contact us. Just click on the email icon below!

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Robert William Pattison
McEwen Genealogy
Genealogy is my favorite past time

On April 22, 2001, I found a website that contained Robert T. McEwen the brother of Martha Elizabeth McEwen Cooper.
There were notes under his name that made enough reference to proof, necessary to link Martha to her father James
Hill McEwen! I emailed Cynthia Forde who is the owner of the website "The Spirit in the South", and was directed
to Mona Herrin as the one responsible.

I sent an E-mail to Mona Herrin about this and this is what I received.

I am Mona Herrin and I am a Robert McEwen desc. About a year ago, another cousin produced a book on the McEwens
addressing primarily his line, but also including a few side lines. This is what I have written on the other info
part of James Hill McEwen:
From: Jim Holman 
To: "Mona Herrin" 
Subject: Re: McEwens
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 10:32:26 -0600

     Mona, sorry about not getting back to you sooner. The information I have on James Hill McEwen comes from a
photostat copy of Alexander McEwen's Family Group Sheet. This was put together by Barbara Sudduth Lyle. She has 
been involved in genealogy for a number of years and cites her source as J. E. McEwen. This is either Sr. or Jr.
with Sr. being the great grandson of James Hill. J. E., Sr. died in 1940 and J. E., Jr. was born in 1912 and may
be dead, probably is. As far as addresses on this family I can only look in the McEwen Book and go up the line
looking at places of birth, by the way J. E. stands for Jessie Elton. I also have a transcribed copy of a Family
Group Sheet on James Hill McEwen given to me by Frances Nail.
     We probably got Thomas's date wrong. I am looking at the abstract of the will of Thomas McQuown. His
statement starts out dated 25 March 1781. Down at the bottom by the names of the witnesses the date is July 1781.
I will blame the proofreaders on that one. Information for Alexander came again from his Family Group Sheet by
Barbara Sudduth. I thought I had something else but all these piles of paper tend to merge and I will have to
look some more.
     As for the beginning we are not sure that John and John, Jr. even belong. We put our escape clause on the
title page. We have had a James McEwen with sons Hugh and Thomas (us) at the top. If we are through James then
Hugh will carry the family down to Stonewall Jackson. Really, I consider it bait, hoping someone will come along
and say it is right or say it is wrong and show me why. Right now I am changing my major focus to my Holman
ancestors but still dabble with the McEwen side. Keep in touch and let me know if you think I can help.
Email from Mona to Mike Crandall

I had asked Jim about some of the sources for the info that he had in his book. In looking at my stuff, I think
that Robert T. was brother to my ancestress Nancy Caroline McEwen. Nancy is my gggreat grandmother, I think that
is enough greats! I also personally researched this in the books that we have at the Library in Birmingham, Al.
I don't have any original documents, but there is quite a lot of info in the different books dealing with Ga and
NC at the Library. MY aunt met with Jim and helped with the research also. I don't have everything at hand as I
haven't done anything on the McEwens for a couple of years. Tell me how I can help you and I will be glad to.

I found my book-actually my aunt's book. It is entitled:
Francis Nail, Joan Kelley, and Jim Holman. It has John Jr. McEwen as the father of Thomas,
but that is not proven altho early research by some family members does point that way.

Be sure to attach the note that there may be errors in this and that each person should verify the info for
themselves. The Birmingham Library (along with many, many other Libraries) have an abundance of reference
materials for Ga. and the Carolinas, so at least checking the reference books should not be too hard.

Here is a link to the new McEwen genealogy
Is the father of Thomas "John McEwen"?

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