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John Hood of Lynn Mass.
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Grandparents of our Nathaniel?
(work in progress)
          Wayne Hood who gave me the information about Nathaniel Hood serving in the
revolutionary war, also gave me a lot more about Nathaniel Hood. Such as who his
parents are
and who is most likely his grandfather. For now let's go over who is the father
of our Nathaniel Hood who married Elizabeth.

          In the link I provided that is listed on the left, "Nathaniel Hood Facts and Theory"
a possible father of our Nathaniel Hood is considered. His name was also Nathaniel Hood
and his wife was Sarah. Our Nathaniel is not listed but a connection has been made.
 Here is his will:

Original Will of Nathaniel Hood, probated in 1780, Sussex County, Virginia;
Copy of record in Will Book C page 373.
In the name of God Amen this fiftheenth day of March one thousand seven
hundred and seventy nine. I Nathaniel Hood of Sussex County being of
sound ... mind. Primary thanks be to almighty God for the same. ...not
knowing how soon my change may come. I do therefore ordain this last
Will & Testament in manner & form following. I do in the humblest manner
resign my soul to God who gave it me. Humbly imploring His Devine
Majesty to receive me into the number of the Blessed. & as for my mortal
body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my ...
hereafter named. and as for my Temporal Estate which God hath been
pleased to bless me with I give & dispose of in manner & form following.
First I will that all my just Debts & Funeral Expenses be discharged
Imprim ... I give & bequeath to my Son Henry Hood the Land and
Plantation whereon I now live to him & Heirs forever. also one Bed of
furniture: one Cow & Calf: my will & desire is that if my son Henry should
die without Lawful issue that what I have given him shall descend to his
sisters Amelia Hood & Sarah Hood to them and their heirs forever.
Item. I give & bequeath to my Daughter Amelia Hood one bed of furniture:
also one Cow & Calf to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Hood one Cow & Calf:
also the bed & furniture whereon I lie-after her mothers decease to her &
her heirs for Ever also one. ..iron & heaters to her & her heirs for Ever.
My will and desire is that my wife Sarah Hood shall have a Maintenance
for life out of my Estate not heretofore given: and after my wifes decease
all my Estate not heretofore given shall be equally divided between my
son Henry Hood and my daughters Amelia Hood & Sarah Hood to them
and their heirs forever. I appoint ... Robert Jones and my son Henry Hood
Executors of this my Will & Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and Seal the day and year above written.
Signed & Sealed   }
in presence of        }
Joseph Dennis         }                      Nathaniel Hood
Sealey Seath          }                             Mark
Mark                   }
                                               17th day of August 1780

          Only three of his children are listed, Amelia, Sarah and Henry. However there is
proof in other documents that Nathanial and several other's were listed as his children.  
Here is part of an original document that Wayne Hood found. That is not online.

Copyright by John Bennett Boddie
Published 1958
Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 64-22294
International Standard Book Number; 0-8063-0024-8
page 68
Nathanial and Sarah Hood
Sarah, 3/29/33, Wm. Hutchens, Anne Hutchens, Sarah Bird
Eliz., 3/16/38, James Horn, Eliz. Horn, Eliz. King
John, 11/5/40, Chris. Tatum, John Bird, Bridget Tatum
Nathanial, 3/3/42, Thos. Weathers Jr., John Holland,
 Sarah Felts
Lucy, 11/29/45, Frances Hutchens, Joyce Kellerman, Eliz.
Henry, 4/3/49, Jesse Gilliam, John King, Jane Gilliam
Frances, 5/9/47, Wm. Rives, Frances Rives, Penelope
Mely, 8/14/50, John Owen, Eliz. Owen, Sarah King
Ruth, 2/24 52, Thos. Davis, Jane Davis, Mary Rodgers
Sarah, 3/31/55, Lewis Adkins, Sarah Adkins, Hannah Felts
Peter, 9/22/56, Wm. Stuart, John Wellborn Jr., Sarah

The names of all sponsors at christenings are shown. These names are very important as
Grandparents, Uncles. Aunts and Cousins were usually Godparents.
You can see for yourself that all of the children including our Nathaniel are listed.
Nathaniel is also listed here below:
Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917
Name Nathanael Hood
Gender Male
Christening Date 24 Apr 1743
Birth Date 03 Mar 1742
Father's Name Nathaniel Hood
Mother's Name Sarah

I have found Birth's and Christening's for all the children except for Frances but
because of space I will not be showing them. All of the children's birth places are shown
by their birth record to be in Albamarle Parish, Surry, Virginia. 

          In FamilySearch & possibly other places Nathaniel Hood's parents were listed as
Nathaniel Hood and Sarah "Young". At least in FamilySearch Family Tree until I changed
it and added sources why her last name could not be "Young". Yes Sarah is her name but
her last name could not be "Young" as our Nathaniel Hood who was the son of Nathaniel
Hood and Sarah was born in 24 Apr 1742. Nathaniel Hood and Sarah "Young" were
married in 1768. That Nathaniel may have been close to the same age as our Nathaniel.

Here is the source for the marriage of Nathaniel Hood and Sarah Young:
Pennsylvania, Marriage Records, 1700-1821
Name: Nathaniel Hood
Marriage Date: 25 Nov 1768
Marriage Place: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Spouse's Name: Sarah Young
Published under direction of Matthew S. Quay.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Edited by John B. Linn and Wm. H.EGLE, M.D.
Lane S. Hart, State Printer.
PRIOR TO 1810.
Page 90 (n102)
Nov. 25, 1768, Hood, Nathaniel, and Sarah Young
         In FamilySearch Family Tree Nathaniel Hood who married Sarah is listed as a son of
Nathaniel Hood and Joanna Dwinnell. There is no source or evidence for this. That family
lived in Massachusetts.
Copied from Did Nathaniel Hood marry Elizabeth Palmer?
Their first son was named Nathan and their second son was named Nathaniel. There is no
birth given for either of these two sons. Nathan married Elizabeth Palmer 6 March 1731,
at Rowley, Mass....  None of their children were named Bold Robin or Britton.....

The son Nathaniel was not even included in the genealogy of.......
John Hood of Lynn Mass.and some of his descendents

That leaves us with; "Just who is the father of Nathaniel Hood who married Sarah?" 

He was probably Thomas Hood whose Will was dated Apr 7, 1764 

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