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Samuel Eldridge d. 9 April 1709

Samuel Eldridge died bef 1665

Nathaniel Hood and Elizabeth

My Ancestral Legacy

 All Genealogy is Relative

"William Eldridge"
who died in 1751

                   WILL OF WILLIAM ELDRIDGE

WILLIAM ELDRIDGE                                          NORTHAMPTON 

May Court, 1751. "Supposed Son": Matthew Moor.  Wife: Mary. Other 
legatees: Mela Moor, Charity Moor, Patty Peacock (daughter of Elizabeth 
Peacock). Brother: Samuel. Sisters: Martha, Thomas Nixon, Martha Moor. 
Executors: William Kechen, Jas. Washington. Benjn. DeBerry. Witnesses: 
Jno. Deberry, William Richardson, Rabackah Dawson. Clerk of the Court: 
I. Edwards.

Source: "Abstract of North Carolina Wills", compiled from Original and 
Recorded Willis in the Office of the Secretary of State, by J. Bryan Grimes, 
Secretary of State, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, 1975, page 

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