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Janice McAlpine Email: mcalpage@cox.net wrote:


          The noble lineage for Michael Cadet Young contained in Walter Jorgensen Young's 1937 book, "The Young family of Bristol," is fraudulent. Walter Young hired a genealogist to do the research, but only paid him $500.00. (See, Young's book and the Walter Young letter in the Kennedy Collection at UNC Chappel Hill.) Even in the 1930's $500.00 wasn't enough to do even minimal research, so the genealogist found an unrelated, noble Young family and made up the rest. Unfortunately, Walter Young did not require documentation for his researcher's romantic story -- probably because he wanted to believe that Michael Cadet Young had noble ancestry.

          There actually was a Sir Robert Young of Bristol, born July 1, 1570, and knighted in 1604, as Walter Young's book says. However, Sir Robert did not have a son Thomas. Sir Robert had three children alive in 1606. They were daughter Elizabeth, and sons Nicholas and Perigrine Young. These three children were mentioned by name in the 15 February 1606 will of Sir Robert’s half-sister, Anne Strangeways Bridgman. P.C.C (60 Stafford) The will did not mention a Thomas and there are no other documented children for Sir Robert Young. (“The Family of Yonge, or Young, of Bristol, and on the Red Lodge,” J. Maclean., Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Vol. 15, pp. 227-245 (1890-91) <http://www.glos.ac.uk/bgas/tbgas/v015/bg015227.pdf>)

          My husband is descended from Thomas Cadet Young and I have done extensive research on this family. Even with all the resources available to me in the 21st century, I have found minimal information about Sir Robert Young and absolutely nothing about a son named Thomas.Michael Cadet Young wasn't even a Young. He was a Cadet. His father was François (Francis) Cadet b. abt 1670 Niort, Poitou, France, and his mother was Marie Marthe LeGros, b. of Chastelerault, Poitou, France. They were Huguenot refugees in London. Their son Michael Cadet was baptized 28 Mar 1694, Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London, London, England. (Colyer-Fergusson, T. C., The Registers of the French Church, Threadneedle Street, London. Aberdeen, 1906, pp. 131.)

~Janice McAlpine